JinkoSolar promotes solar power at the UN

(Smart Energy Council)

Prominent solar module manufacturers JinkoSolar was invited to the UN Climate Action Summit where the company led discussions about the impact of climate change and the important role coupled with significant economic benefits of renewable energy, in particular, solar power.

Ms Qian Jing, Vice President of JinkoSolar, commented, “As grid parity becomes a reality in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, renewable energy from solar power opens up incredible possibilities to solve problems.

“As large as reversing deserts into an oasis, reusing abandoned land and bringing new life to arid soil. This is all possible because of the 95 per cent reduction in PV power generation costs over the past decade,” she said at the high-level summit attended by more than 100 heads of state, government leaders, the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other international organizations

“With solar electrification on the rise, cutting down trees for fire and heating will be a thing of the past. Solar power will also redefine how we build new energy-powered automobiles, and solar building materials will dominant architecture design and building surfaces will become generators to store solar power. Once policy and the mechanism for economic incentives are in-sync, we will see more enterprise collaboration on technical innovation and this will accelerate energy transformation around the world.”

In related news JinkoSolar has become first solar manufacturer to make a pledge for 100 per cent renewable energy, committing to source 70 per cent of its energy from renewables by 2023 and all of it by 2025.

The Climate Group has applauded JinkoSolar, which has attained Smart Energy Council’s Positive Quality status, for signing up to its RE100 pledge, and becoming the first solar module maker intent on sourcing all of its power from renewables by 2025

JinkoSolar chief executive Kanping Chen said he was thrilled to be the world’s first solar manufacturer to be a member of RE100 and EP100 [energy productivity pledge] simultaneously, to deploy an energy management system by 2030 and improve energy productivity 30% by 2025 using 2016 as a baseline. It makes business sense to save energy and switch to renewables.



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